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Top 3 questions we get asked

LC Designer Homes is a boutique residential design and build company, delivering unique bespoke new homes on the North Shore. Established in 2009 as Leonard Construction, the company is led by husband-and-wife team, Adam, a third-generation Carpenter and Michelle, an Architectural Designer.


Making Decisions Saves Money

One of the biggest challenges’ clients face when doing any kind of new build or renovation are the sheer number of decisions.

A dated house with water tightness issues transformed by LC Designer Homes’ design, recladding & building services

Building a warm home

Everyone loves walking into a warm dry home in winter. Being protected from the elements and temperature changes all year round makes for more comfortable living.


What is my budget, and how is it allocated?

A budget is about planning the allocation of funds to a project at a moment in time, based on the scope of work, and allowing for variances.

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Building a new home

a new home is a daunting process, it is a big investment, and how do you know that you will LOVE the home when you are finished? 

Build Team

How To Choose Your Build Team

Having worked with many clients over the years, it is always interesting to hear what people look for when looking for someone to complete their project.


Designing your exterior space

homes that suit the needs of clients, through an integrated, seamless and transparent process, this article discusses considerations for exterior spaces.


Choosing water efficient products

Understanding water efficiency helps everyone to make some good decisions now and into the future.

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Master Build 10-Year Guarantee

Building a house or undertaking a major renovation is probably the biggest investment of your lifetime.

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It Never Used To Cost So Much, Why?

LC Designer Homes have listened and decided to dig a little deeper to see if we could explain why.


Including Timber as a Feature in your Home

Read on to see how LC Designer Homes uses timber as a feature in our client’s homes.

Custom builders of dream homes, renovations, extensions & new builds. In-house design team. Talk to us today!

What is a Contingency?

A contingency is a reasonable financial buffer to cover the unexpected. How do you calculate a contingency amount?

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What is a Budget?

A Budget is about trying to make a prediction at a moment in time of costs for the project.


Autumn Home Maintenance

This list is a few things you should check and undertake for your Autumn Home Maintenance.


Are We There Yet?

Now the builders have left site doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about you and your project.


Summer Home Maintenance

This list is a few things you should check and undertake for your Summer Home Maintenance.

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Building Glossary

Does Building Jargon sound like another language? 31 Building terms you need to know…


Educational Series – Cladding

In this first series Adam talks about Cladding, options, colours and maintenance that needs to be undertaken.


Winter Home Maintenance

This list is a few things you should check and undertake for your Winter Home Maintenance.

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How to survive a home renovation with children

As a family-owned business, with two little ones of our own, we want to make your home renovation as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Michelle and Adam

How to cope with a construction project

Renovation tip: How to cope with a construction project (and keep sane!). Let’s face it; a renovation project can be stressful.

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Do I need a Building Consent?

If you do build without a building consent you may have difficulties when selling your home, be liable for a fine and struggle to insure your home.


The Design Process

Design evolves over a period of time during which we discuss, digest, think and rework ideas until the best solution is arrived at.

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