Virtual 3D Walkthrough

Visualising your new home has never been easier.

Imagine walking through your dream home before a single nail has been hammered. Or any concrete has been poured.

You can walk through your home and see how the light falls at different times of the day, and at different times of year. You can see how the spaces work. You can even move walls, change the shape or location of windows, or enlarge your deck. Or swap out fittings and materials, and change the colours.

This virtual 3D walkthrough experience comes as standard when you build with LC Designer Homes

Our architectural designers in Auckland are experts with 3D building information modelling software, and the process is a truly collaborative one. This means you have the peace of mind knowing that your bespoke home design is exactly as you want it, before any construction gets underway.

How virtual 3D walkthroughs fit into the process of building your dream home

The virtual 3D walkthrough is just a part of the house design process, which happens after you’ve briefed us on what you’re looking to achieve. Here’s how it works:

1. Initial consultation & briefing meeting

We’ll discuss your needs and desired outcomes: you can read more about this here.

2. Site investigation

We collect all information related to your property via council, yourself, and LINZ.

3. Concept plan development

Council restrictions and requirements will be considered when we draw up the designs, including the 3D house design.

4. Concept Design Workshop

We’ll present the drawings to you, which includes plans, illustrations, and the 3D model. Yes, this is when you experience the 3D virtual house walkthrough. We can make any tweaks and changes there and then, so you can see for yourself how any adjustments would affect your home. It’s a very collaborative process: you will love seeing your custom dream home come to life before your eyes!

5. Final concept design meeting

Of course, you may go away and decide you’d like some more changes. So we’ll meet with you again to discuss the changes and finalise the plans so that detailed architectural plans can be created. Once that’s done, a third-party Quantity Surveyor will provide a project estimate for you.

Please note that our architectural design and 3D virtual walkthrough services are only available in conjunction with new custom homes, extensions and renovations, house recladding and other design and build projects.

Our design services are not currently available as a standalone option.

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