House recladding experts in Auckland

We have the knowledge and expertise to repair your leaky home.

If your home has water tightness issues such as leaky building syndrome – we understand how stressful this is.

LC Designer Homes is here to make the process quick and easy for you, and give you a great result. And for total peace of mind, our recladding work is guaranteed for 10 years.

What’s involved in house recladding?

The first step is to talk your ideas through with us. We’ll identify whether your house has been formally identified as a leaky home, or whether you simply want it reclad.

We’re finding that many people are choosing to reclad homes with monolithic cladding even if they don’t have any leaky building issues, because of market wariness.

Recladding with a safe, modern material can help you achieve top dollar when you come to sell your home.

Would you like any other home renovations completed at the same time?

Although house recladding a house focuses on the outside of your home, it’s also important to consider the internal structures, fixtures and fittings to ensure they’re still in good condition.

Or there might be areas you want to refurbish or upgrade. Leaky home repairs provide an ideal opportunity to make any layout changes as we can include those in your consent documentation at the time of submission. Having the experience of many bespoke building projects and house reclads, we will be able to give you an estimate at this stage, based purely on the size of your home.

Virtual 3D walkthroughs

When you choose to work with LC Designer Homes on your house recladding, you’ll receive a state-of-the-art virtual 3D walkthrough from our in-house Architectural Designer as part of our design service. This lets you see what your remodelled house will look like on the inside and outside. The process is a truly collaborative one, as we can make any changes there and then, with you present.

You can walk through your virtual home at different times of day, to see how the light falls. And it’s easy to change the shape or location of windows in the software, or swap out fittings, materials, and colours.

Pricing up your home recladding project

Once you have chosen your desired design, a third-party Quantity Surveyor will price up the building work for you. This is a good point to get a gauge on where your budget is being spent, whilst being able to make choices that will influence the price, such as the type of cladding material to be used.

We’ll take care of all the Council documentation for you

LC Designer Homes will complete all the documentation required by the Council so we can carry out the work. We’ll submit all the detailed drawings and supporting documents required for any consent applications. We oversee the communication with the Council while your consent is approved, and will arrange any additional reports or drawings that may be required.

While all that’s happening, you will make more detailed selections of fixtures and fittings. This includes items such as door hardware, taps, even down to the colour on your walls.

Building work commences

As soon as we get the go-ahead from the Council, we can start on the building work. We’ll supervise and project manage the construction programme and sub-contractors, and we’ll liaise with the Council inspectors throughout. And you’ll be kept fully informed of the progress.

Your home will be wrapped and protected from the elements, so we are able to complete your house recladding promptly, regardless of the weather.

When the house recladding is completed

Once the house recladding is completed, you’ll receive a copy of all the ‘record of works’ and ‘producer statements’ that cover all the work carried out on your home, and demonstrate to Council that the work was completed by a qualified tradesperson, and to the specification required by the Building Code. These will also be submitted as part of your application for your final CCC (Council Code of Compliance).

You’ll also receive a maintenance plan for your home, which includes a specific list of manufacturers, products and materials used, plus all the warranty and guarantee information.

Quality is guaranteed

As you’d expect from the best Auckland and North Shore builders, our work is guaranteed.

Each home comes with the Master Build guarantee, for complete peace of mind. This is New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10-year building guarantee, and is provided via the New Zealand Registered Master Builders Association (RMB).

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