Making Decisions Saves Money

One of the biggest challenges’ clients face when doing any kind of new build or renovation are the sheer number of decisions. A new home will involve a thousand decisions and making them as soon as possible, (and then not changing your mind) is one of the biggest money savers for any building work.

How does making decisions impact price?

Homes are built of many elements and systems which are all interlinked. For example, bathrooms or kitchens requiring specific pipe layout, need particular space within walls or floors to encompass these services. Moving or changing your bathroom fittings, means your plumber and your carpenter need to know. This change might require re-work to refit pipes, or re construct walls or floors.

The Cost of materials and freight are always changing, and supply can be an issue. The sooner we can confirm materials and order them, the more efficient the build and more accurate your price.

The cost of pricing the elements of your project such as cladding, bathroom fixtures or underfloor heating correctly takes a significant amount of co-ordination and time for both your designer, builder and their subtrades and suppliers. When any of these elements are changed someone or multiple subtrades has to spend additional time and energy re-pricing your work, which if significant, can and may incur a fee for that additional time involved.

How can I make better decisions?

Many of the decisions around your build, materials and finishes are a matter of compliance. Your project needs to meet a number of codes and standards to be compliant. This is something neither clients, nor builders can influence or change.

Rather than focus on these items, you are better to let them go and focus on the other areas of work which do require your input.

Time is not infinite- Some items aren’t off the shelf, they are manufactured to order or imported and require decisions long before the items are on site. If you change your mind on these items, the clock is re-set on supply, which can lead to delays and additional cost. There are also restocking fees for some items and suppliers too, which aren’t where you want to spend your budget

Trust yourself and the decisions you have made. There is always the latest trend and magazine which will distract you and make you second guess.

How do we help?

We work with our clients on a full specification schedule before we start on site. This ensures we capture each decision made and that it is cohesive and curated, allowing for your own style to ensure the finished home matches your vision.

Quality is guaranteed

As you’d expect from the best Auckland and North Shore builders, our work is guaranteed.

Each home comes with the Master Build guarantee, for complete peace of mind. This is New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10-year building guarantee, and is provided via the New Zealand Registered Master Builders Association (RMB).

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