Building a warm home

Everyone loves walking into a warm dry home in winter. Being protected from the elements and temperature changes all year round makes for more comfortable living.

At LC Designer Homes, this all starts during the initial stages as we design your home and specify the systems to be included.

NZ Building Code require you have a ‘Healthy Home’ and that it is insulated to a minimum level. We like to think a bit further than that, ensuring your comfort isn’t an afterthought, which means thinking of both winter (heating) and summer (cooling). Which means we consider a number of factors:

  • Orientation of the building for the sun. We are fortunate in New Zealand that we can take advantage of natural heating from the sun and use this to your home’s advantage. Sun is free heating, after all!
  • Thermal modeling is when our design is represented in a computer simulation program and is run to show how it will function thermally. Various elements of the design can be tested in this way and the results can be seen as graphic output as well as text.
  • Insulation products are based on location and performance of materials specified. We use the thermal modeling to test these products and their locations to get your home working well as a whole building.
  • With the desire to have large glass elements in homes, consideration of how the joinery units as a whole perform is very important with options of using Low-E glass and thermally broken frames that will decrease heat loss. Also incorporating blinds and drapes for the final layer of comfort, privacy and style to your home.
  • Heating (and cooling!) systems are best incorporated at the design phase. There are many options available now and each has its own merits i.e. efficiency, initial installation cost vs running cost, aesthetic, energy source/supply, maintenance.
  • And finally consider your landscaping and greenery so that you don’t end up with large plants or trees blocking windows, which also can stay damp during wetter months.

Quality is guaranteed

As you’d expect from the best Auckland and North Shore builders, our work is guaranteed.

Each home comes with the Master Build guarantee, for complete peace of mind. This is New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10-year building guarantee, and is provided via the New Zealand Registered Master Builders Association (RMB).

Service Areas

LC Designer Homes are custom builders and architectural designers covering the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and parts of Rodney and central Auckland, NZ.

From Orewa, Silverdale, Whangaparaoa, Kaukapakapa, Greenhithe, Albany, Birkenhead and Takapuna, through to Ponsonby, Epsom, Remuera and Mt Eden.

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